The number six million is forever linked to the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust, yet do we really understand the scale of that number, let alone in human lives lost? Incomprehensible on many levels.

But what if we could take that number and turn the memory of those lost into a positive force for change today? Our challenge is that each one of us- the individuals of Project 6Million- volunteer at least one hour in the community standing up against hatred and intolerance. Let’s do the math. That is six million hours, or 250,000 days, or 685 years of service. That, too, is incomprehensible, but in the best way imaginable.

Volunteer Opportunities:

STAND | Don't stand by, STAND up!

Take Action | United to End Genocide


Equality Volunteer Opportunities

How to Serve | Repair the World

Amnesty International

Museum of Tolerance

Volunteer Abroad with Projects Abroad - Projects Abroad USA

European Voluntary Service
::AVSO::Association of Voluntary Service Organisations::

Do-it Volunteering, Tolerance International
Embracing Tolerance Youth Programme Volunteer - Do-it