In April of 2011, 24 teenagers and four chaperones departed for Poland as members of the Cincinnati Delegation of the March of the Living. These 28 individuals would become the originators of Project6Million.

Group Hug

Over the course of eight days, each trip member was faced with the harsh realities of the Holocaust and forced to confront their emotions. We dove into the darkest parts of human history and emerged with a new sense of purpose. Our lives had been transformed permanently.

While the rest of the world enjoyed a normal week, each one of us had our lives altered. With this newfound drive, we were determined to take action. We recognized that it was our responsibility as Jews and our civic duty as human beings to do our part to ensure that nothing such as the Holocaust could occur ever again. As we searched for the answer to our insatiable desire to make a difference, and we knew that we could not leave these places return quietly to "normal" life. It was our duty and our obligation to act on what we learned. It was imperative that we take a stand and make a statement against the type of behavior that led to such atrocities - for us, for the deceased, and for the future.

From this belief, we understood the need for a post trip experience. The thought that we could return from Poland and be silent, indifferent, and indactive was unacceptable. And so on May 2, 2011, in a room on the third floor of a Krakow, Poland hotel, Project6Million was born. Though the idea has been developed and transformed tremendously since its inception, the roots remain the same. We were moved by the physical, written statements we left behind at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. We understand the power of an idea and the impact we can have individually by taking a public stand against the hatred and intolerance that wreak havoc on our world to this day. We will always remember the night the project was first shared, and how we were so charged emotionally as to believe we could change the world forever, because we can. It was truly a special moment.

Since then, the process of bringing Project6Million to life has been challenging. Things have changed, adjustments have been made, and improvements sought. Along the way, we have had the privilege of discussing our mission with many brilliant minds and we were dared to take action to make the world a better place.  

This is only the beginning for Project6Million. Each of our statements and actions will have ripples of impact beyond what we can ever know. We look forward to having you share in our growth and impact.

...one person, one choice, one statement at a time. 

All the best,

The Project6Million Team