Our movement is growing each day with more people as we each commit to stand up against hatred and intolerance in honor of the six million targeted Jewish men, women and children murdered in the Holocaust.  Every commitment, every statement, every person makes a difference. 


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    Colin Nourie - 4.19.2012
    I, Colin Nourie, JOIN PROJECT6MILLION AND COMMIT TO STANDING UP AGAINST ALL FORMS OF HATRED AND INTOLERANCE, BECAUSE in making this public commitment I am stating to my family, my neighbors, my community and my country that I can be counted on...Counted on to defend the social rights, freedoms and equal opportunities that living in the present day United States affords all of us. When a threat to an individual seems at times in our daily life easy to turn your back-on to standing up, speaking out or offering a hand. The threat to a community or nation whether by Natural Disaster or Directed Violence seems to immediately blind us of our differences as we become one voice, one hand together. The growing apathy to Actions of Hatred and Intolerance is a threat to our global community. This lack of a "Larger than You" world view feeds our sense of overwhelm that the problems are too large or that the problem is too deep-seeded. At most, we will be alive here for a 100 years or less with only one opportunity to affect the lives of others of our generation and teach those who will come next. I believe, we as individuals can no longer afford to turn our backs on the world outside our backyards, to no longer allow actions of hatred and intolerance to stunt the social development and opportunities of our communities. Having the courage to Stand up, Speak out and Offer a hand defines us and our nation as the torch bearer of freedom and equality that our founding father aspired for us. I join Project6Million to stop aspiring as they did, but to start acting as catalyst for equality and understanding in my world for my generation.

    I WILL FULFILL THIS COMMITMENT by starting with myself. I will work to change my personal world view to adopt a "Larger than You" perspective. I will teach my children the importance of the right each person has to create the life they want to live and that through passion and focus an individual can make unimaginable positive change to the whole. I will donate design & strategy services each year to another social innovator, charity or non-for profit who's commitment to my community is fighting Hatred and Intolerance, creating equal social opportunity or locally teaching our next generation these values as well as their responsibility to continue Standing-up, Speaking-out and offering a hand to each other. I commit to to becoming a "Social Innovator" to broaden my engagement in social issues by utilizing my Design and Strategy talents to generate viable solutions for my community. Finally, I commit to supporting the Project6Million Movement by spreading the word, collecting statements, fundraising and applying my talents where needed in the years to come.