Our movement is growing each day with more people as we each commit to stand up against hatred and intolerance in honor of the six million targeted Jewish men, women and children murdered in the Holocaust.  Every commitment, every statement, every person makes a difference. 


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    Heidi Weisman - 4.19.2012
    I, Heidi Weisman, JOIN PROJECT6MILLION AND COMMIT TO STANDING UP AGAINST ALL FORMS OF HATRED AND INTOLERANCE, BECAUSE hate is a strong emotion that few people understand. The impact of HATE is intolerance, violence, and destruction. We need to learn to accept, tolerate, and embrace people of all cultures and backgrounds. Everyone is created in g-ds image and we need to treat everyone accordingly. We can not think ‘this cannot happen again or here’. We must teach the next generation about the sins of the past generations so that tolerance is learned and differences are embraced and history never repeats again.

    I WILL FULFILL THIS COMMITMENT BY... continuing to learn to accept, embrace, and treat all peoples equally. By speaking out against violence and hate. By teaching the next generation and my children WHY we must remember and accept people of all backgrounds and faiths. By sharing this project.